Make an impact with a variety of branding images.

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Dentist Assistants Fun Branding Post Falls Idaho
Fashionable Coeur d'Alene Business Branding Portrait
Coeur d'Alene Studio Branding Portrait of a Comedian
Coeur d'Alene Podcast Production Studio Branding Images
Coeur d'Alene business consultant branding portrait
Laboratory Research Branding Image Boise Idaho
Photographer branding portrait with style
Life coach branding portrait Coeur d'Alene Idaho
Financial consultant branding portrait Spokane
Laughing business owner branding portrait Coeur d'Alene
Property Management Company Branding Portrait
Rural School Bus Route Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
Athletic Modeling Portrait In Coeur d'Alene Studio
Coeur d'Alene Comedy Podcast Branding Portrait
Environmental Scientist Portrait Coeur d'Alene
Coeur d'Alene Realtor Branding Portrait
Ballerina modeling portfolio portrait Coeur d'Alene
Drone operators business branding boise Idaho
Microphone branding portrait Coeur d'Alene Idaho
Coeur d'Alene Real Estate Team Selfie Portrait
Post Falls Dental Technician portrait with her dog
Fun Spokane Financial Planner Branding Portrait
LinkedIn Profile Portrait For Coeur d'Alene Job Seeker
Branding Portrait Of A Coeur d'Alene Author
fun dentists branding portrait post falls Idaho
Laboratory Science Branding Portrait Twin Falls, Idaho
Physician branding portrait Hayden Idaho
Modeling portfolio branding portrait Coeur d'Alene
Office receptionists fun branding portrait Post Falls
Musician branding portrait Spokane Washington
Tower Building Branding Portrait Coeur d'Alene
Light and shadow studio branding portrait Coeur d'Alene
Hayden, Idaho Auto Body Technician Branding Portrait
Spokane Sports Commission snowboard branding portrait
Fun, Creepy Coeur d'Alene Comedian Branding Portrait
Coeur d'Alene Comedian Tour Marketing Portrait
Coeur d'Alene Tailor At Work Branding Portrait
Coeur d'Alene COVID Nurse Work Portrait
VoiceOver artist branding portrait Coeur d'Alene Idaho
Photographer branding portrait Coeur d'Alene Idaho
Auto Body Shop Crew Hayden Idaho
Realtor branding portrait Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
Tower Construction Branding Portrait Coeur d'Alene

While headshots are primarily a head-and-shoulders image, there's always the approach of a branding portrait which allows for more variety.

For brand-specific portraits, this won't be a stand in one spot and I take a dozen images and send you on your way only to see them for the first time when they're delivered. We'll be working in multiple outfits, lighting, backgrounds, and poses in the session. You'll actually get to see the images as they are being captured. And if there are issues with hair, wardrobe, etc., those can be addressed before moving onto the next setup.

With this variety, you'll have the opportunity to have a personal image library for different uses on multiple platforms and mediums.

These types of portraits let people know you’ve already gone the extra mile to make a positive impression. As your photographer, I also go the extra mile to allow your personality to shine through and for you to be an actual collaborator in the creative process.


  • We meet up for a collaboration and discuss your brand strategy
  • During this meeting we'll plan out your session to ensure brand-specific images are captured
  • You'll complete the booking process
  • The session takes place
  • You review and select images as the session happens
  • We narrow down your selections and choose your favorite images
  • You receive the selected retouched files within five business days

Brand-specific sessions are $500 each and allow for up to two hours of photography and then you pay for only the images you want.

And if you'd like a breakdown of the difference between headshot sessions and branding sessions, check out our "versus" article.